Skin Care
PCA SKIN® Clinical Care Products is the most amazing product I have ever experienced!

Hi, I am President of Sedona Holistic Medical Centre, in Western New York. For many years I have tried all kinds of skin products to help give my skin the glow I had when I was a young girl.
A few years ago I discovered PCA SKIN® Clinical Care Products and have never found a better product, or even
close. And since using the "in-office treatments”, my skin has never looked so beautiful, not even twenty years ago!

You will not find PCA Advance Skin Systems® products in stores or anywhere over-the-counter. PCA Advance Skin Systems® products and in-office treatments help to accelerate lightening, brightening and tightening, refines pores and improves the texture of the skin, while reducing wrinkles and/or eliminating fine lines. Unlike glycolic peels, which only take off the surface cells, PCA Advance Skin Systems removes the dead surface cells while also feeding your skin for a more healthy, youthful glow.

Now, more than ever, men are using these treatments and products, as we babyboomers do much more to look and feel younger than ever before!

Below is a picture of me taken in April. I have more compliments on my skin now than I ever experienced before and I have eight grandchildren! Use PCA Advance Skin Systems and see for yourself.

Take care and God bless,

Dr. Cherie Santasiero, Ph.D.
Announcing Parisian Peel Medical Microdermabrasion for Smoother, Softer,Fresher Skin. Though we all start life with baby-soft skin, over time our skin loses its smooth fresh appearance. Why? We expose our skin to the sun. We're all exposed to the inevitable process of aging. And we may suffer scarring from injuries or disease. But now comes Parisian Peel, a new, gentle approach to restore the skin's youthful appearance.

The Parisian Peel Medical Microdermabrasion skin renewal process does not involve chemical or surgical procedures. In fact, Parisian Peel is safe and affordable because it's so simple. The process works by gently buffing the outer layer of your skin. A precision hand piece is used to apply a stream of tiny crystals and mild suction exactly where needed on the skin. The gentle abrasive action of the crystals combines with the suction to remove the dead outer layer while bringing the smoother, softer under layer to the surface. The sensation experienced during treatment has been described by patients as similar to a "very small vacuum cleaner sweeping across the skin."

Parisian Peel Medical Microdermabrasion has been used successfully in Europe for more than eight years to treat fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and other superficial skin blemishes. Parisian Peel works well on all colors of skin. Treatment takes only 15 to 20 minutes, and you can return immediately to your daily activities with no bothersome side effects. In Fact, Parisian Peel is so gentle; you can have as many treatments as you need. Clinical experience shows it usually takes five to ten treatments to get the best results, depending on skin type and condition.

Restore the beauty that is you! Call us today for your free orientation brochure or to schedule an evaluation appointment to determine if Parisian Peel is the right treatment for you.