Nutrition & Supplements


There are several reasons we can no longer get the essential nutrients needed for a healthy, long life. The next best thing we can do is to take vitamins/nutrients or supplementation.

The reasons we need supplements?
GMO, or genetically modified organisms, have had their genetic organisms modified.  The World Health Origanization, or WHO, defines modified organisms as those in which the genetic material has been altered in a way that does not orrur naturally (WHO 2002).
  Though some would have you believe that the nutrients levels are comparable to organic, non-GMO, many of us do not believe that it is possible.

         Even if our fruits and vegetables still had the essential nutrients they used to, who has time to eat at least five food groups and several small meals per day? The fact is, vegetables and fruits no longer have nearly the nutrients they used to for other reasons as well.

First, our soil has been long depleted. Also, with increasing numbers and strengths of pesticides, NON-organic foods are more dangerous than healthy. Another reason is that most fruits and vegetables are picked before they are ripe. Fruits and vegetables must be ripe while still growing to get the full benefit of nutrients. Today, fruits and vegetables are gassed in order to look ripe and have little if any nutritional value.

Then there are the pesticides. Pesticides are also called estrogenic, which mimics hormones but are not recognized as natural hormones by the body. These are also carcinogens, which can cause cancer as well as heavy metal toxicity. Heavy metal toxicity is a killer and causes many common complaints and diseases (Heavy Metal Toxicity article on articles page on this site).

Many people take an over-the-counter multi-vitamin and think they are getting what they need to be healthy because the label says “RDA”, the “Recommended Daily Allowance.” The truth of RDA is it is barely a fraction of what is needed to stay healthy and to maintain youth and vitality and to help avoid many common ailments and diseases today, including neuro-dysfunctional problems. The RDA was termed when the government took a small number of prisoners and deprived them of essential vitamins such as vitamin C until they developed scurvy. They then reintroduced vitamin C until they no longer had scurvy. This is just one example.

One can take enough supplementation to avoid scurvy but still be very much depleted in vitamins and amino acids in order to stay healthy and vital and help to avoid serious disease and to keep our healthy brain function.


The brand of vitamins also makes a huge difference. Remember what we were taught about getting what you pay for. However, higher cost is not always a better product. It is however important to know about how to buy vitamins without wasting your money and your health.

Because our providers rely on the highest quality at the best price for our patients, Dr. Ronald Santasiero, M.D., DABMA, continually keeps up on the latest research. We stay away from MLM products (multi-level-marketing), as they are over priced in order to pay their “down-line” sales people, which are often several people above the person you buy from who each get a percentage of the sale. We have proven that you can get the best product without being over charged.

At Sedona Holistic Medical Centre, we often use supplementation for a variety of illness and disease, as well as anti-aging and wellness medicine. We have to rely on consistency, so we know how to regulate patients when they experience changes, without having to guess whether or not a change is due to the inconsistent potency in their supplements. This is another important reason we use the above brands.
Vital Nutrients and DFH (Designs For Health) are the best, most consistent supplement companies we have researched, which is a lot, and continually ongoing! In fact, we are so impressed with these products, we would not use anything else.

Dr. Cherie Santasiero, Ph.D.; President, COO, Sedona Holistic Medical Centre


Thyroid Awareness Month

From our friend Jenna Smolinski:
"We are nearing Thyroid Awareness Month in January! Your Thyroid affects almost every cell in your body and when the levels of the Thyroid hormone are too low for your body’s needs, you may experience symptoms of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is the most common thyroid disease in the United States, affecting over 10 million people. This disease can happen to anyone, but women are seven times more likely to get this disease than men, especially women that have been pregnant. It is important to make sure you go to your doctor for your physicals because they check your thyroid for you to make sure that your Thyroid is in good health!"