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There is a protocol that really works…fast. Faster than any diet plan. But just as important, it makes it easier to keep the weight off. Lose 10, 20 or even or more pounds in three to four weeks! HCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) is a naturally produced hormone, administered and clinically supervised, which produces amazing results*. Besides significant, fast weight loss, patients claim to feel healthier, more alive and more invigorated than they have in years.

At Sedona, we teach you about nutrition and good eating habits and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can keep the weight off. 


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"I lost 30lbs in 45 days using the HCG protocol under the direction and supervision of Dr. Ron and Dr. Cherie Santasiero of Sedona Holistic Medical Centre. After the protocol, I continued to lose weight and fat on a steady basis by following simple healthy eating guidelines.

I started the HCG protocol on Oct. 4th 2008, by Feb 28th (5 months) I have lost 60 lbs!. My pant size has dropped from 42 to 34, and I went from wearing XL to M size shirts etc.

What a great feeling to be so much thinner and healthier.

The best part is I eat all day, am NEVER hungry, and just keep getting healthier and healthier" *
Rick M, southtowns

Then 240 lbs. - Now 178 lbs*

*Results may vary and are not guaranteed.


Important to Rememeber!

Studies show that HCG does not have a direct sex gland stimulating action like that of the anterior pituitary gonadotrophins, such as FSH and LSH. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. It is for the purpose of maintaining the growth of the foetus even if the pregnant woman is starving, by circulating the deep stored fat as calories. That is up to 1 million units or more a day. The HCG protocol is only 200 units per day.
With HCG you do not feel hungry, especially after the first few days, so you can stick to the 500 calorie a day diet. Some people will say “everyone on 500 calories a day will lose weight.” True, but who can only eat 500 calories a day without starving? However, while on HCG, your body circulates deep stored fat, which provides the body with up to 3000 calories a day! Second, HCG resets the hypothalamus gland to a more normal level. The hypothalamus gland regulates appetite and stores fat. Our HCG enhanced protocol is so powerful, you can see significant fat loss, not just water loss, the day after you begin! Imagine losing three quarters to a pound a day!
The HCG enhanced protocol is the most effective for fast and long term weight reduction. And what about maintaining your new weight? Because HCG resets the hypothalamus back to normal, it makes it is easier to keep the weight off. No, you cannot go back to daily overindulgence and an unhealthy lifestyle, especially consistantly.

Every one of our patients who followed our protocol with the patent-pending HCG formula, lost significant weight and are keeping it off.

Losing 1/4 to 1 pound per day of actual fat makes it easy to stay motivated.
Most patients experience additional weight loss even after discontinuing the HCG, though at a slower rate. This is so exciting. In May of 2008, Dr. Ronald Santasiero lost 40 pounds, and Dr. Cherie Santasiero lost 28 pounds in just one month!* A healthy lifestyle and good eating habits helps keep the weight off.

While under the care of a physician, HCG IT IS VERY SAFE. The HCG enhanced protocol is unlike any diet you may have tried. Whatever you thought you knew about diets: forget it! No other protocol can help you lose that much fat so quickly. While on HCG, you are able to eat as little as 500 calories per day and feel little or NO hungrer!

Traditional diets lose supportive fat, not the deep stored, abnormal fat, which is why some people who lose weight have flabby skin and look older. Abnormal fat is the fat under the arms and sides of the chest, lower back, hips and legs, rather than the fat that supports the skin. Patients lose fat in areas where they were not able to lose before. Unlike any other diet, the HCG enhanced protocol plan is the only protocol that can shed deep-stored, abnormal fat, and it works right away. You will see results within 24 to 48 hours. You can lose up to a pound or more in just one day! Used in collaboration with your physician, this protocol is not only safe, it is absolutely amazing.

Though the knowledge has been known for over 50 years, the $40 billion dollar a year diet industry does not want you to know about this incredibly effective and FAST HCG enhanced protocol. HCG is natural, so it cannot be patented. That is why the diet and pharmaceutical industry do not want you to know about HCG.

What Else does HCG do?

In our experience that everyone who follows this protocol according to our specified directions, with rare exception, will lose significant fat. While on our HCG program, 60 to 70 percent of people maintain their weight loss long term. The main reason people do not maintain their post HCG weight is they go back to previous unhealthy habits. Theory suggests that the HCG protocol resets the hypothalamus, which makes keeping the weight off easier.
Dr. A. Simeons researched HCG over 50 years ago. He invited doctors from all over to come to Italy to see for themselves. His hospital is still in Rome and still helps people lose weight with HCG. You do not have to go to Italy to experience the amazing, awesome results of HCG. Dr. Ronald, Santasiero, MD, DABMA, and Dr. Cherie Santasiero, Ph.D., MNLP, have taken the work of Dr. Simeons and made weight loss with HCG even easier.

Are you a candidate for HCG?

If you are unwilling or unable to cook, even with recipes and product information we include in the program, then you probably will not be able to do this protocol. For optimum results, strict adherence to the protocol is crucial. There is absolutely no oil or sugar allowed. That includes no alcohol, lotions, creams or even hair conditioner.
• If you are insulin dependent, you should not do this protocol
• We do some people with gout, but under the watchful eye of Dr. Santasiero, MD.
Look, you can do anything for a few weeks. Sedona Holistic Medical Centre is ready to help you. Give us a call at: 716-646-6075
Original research on the HCG protocol was done by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons, M.D. in the 1930’s. His book is called “Pounds and Inches, a New Approach to Obesity.” He introduced his theory to physicians in Italy, then opened an HCG clinic in Rome for fat loss, which is still there today.

IMPORTANT! We use only HUMAN HCG! Some people who have tried getting HCG on their own, have had poor results. It can be contributed to ANIMAL HCG, rather than from HUMANs, and the quality of the product. We get our HCG from a tried and reliable USA source, and we have tremendous results. And, of course, we add Dr. Ron Santasiero's formula and supervised program.

*Results may vary