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How sad that so many people think aging as we know it is normal! WRONG! It is abnormal to age as quickly as we do, in pain, slowing down and basically unhealthy and for some, infirm and unable to live on our own. You can prevent unnatural aging! Right now!



Today, with so many "baby boomers," the cycle of health care in our society is quickly changing from a "sick-care" society to a "wellness" society. More and more of us are taking responsibility for our own health. We want to live longer, but we also want older age to be vibrant, healthy, active and youthful. That means we want to look good, with beautiful, glowing, youthful skin, the vitality we had in our twenties and thirties, and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

We are inundated every day with chemicals that age us quickly.

     We eat deadly toxins, un-ripened fruit that is sprayed to look ripe (only vine ripened fruits and vegetables are nutritious). Our meats and dairy products continue to increase in hormone and antibiotic levels, so children are entering puberty at younger ages, as young as eight years old! Ever wonder what it does to your hormone levels? Pestisides are estrogenic, which mimics hormones, confusing our natural hormonal balance which can cause age related diseases, mental disfunction and/or other premature related aging. Just as pharmaceutical grade hormones are not really recognized by the body as natural, the body continues to decrease its natural hormone production, which keeps us healthy and youthful.
Antibiotics used against bacteria in animals continue to mutate and become resistant to bacteria, so the strength of the antibiotic is increased. These antibiotics weaken our own immune systems, too.

     We no longer get the nutrients we need for good health, in body or mind. We also get the wrong advise about diet, even from well-intentioned physicians, dietitians, etc., who don't keep up on the latest research. We eat too many carbohydrates (sugar) and processed foods, and not enough proper fats or proteins, which also feed the brain. More important, wellness, not illness, cuts billions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry. Right now, we have the means and knowledge to live to be over 115-120 years old and healthy! Our kids - even older. Do you think the pharmaceuticals want you to know this?

    At Sedona, Dr. Ronald Santasiero, MD, DABMA, a leading expert in WNY in holistic health and medicine, practices anti-aging medicine, also known as Longevity Medicine, the fastest growing medical specialty today in the United States. Dr. Santasiero uses life-style changes, herbs, nutrients, hormones, IV Chelation therapy (FDA approved for cleaning lead toxicity from the body's tissues, which causes numerous mental, physical and neurological symptoms), and relaxation exercises to counter the negative effects of stress and more.

If you, like more and more others, want to be healthier, more energetic and feel and look younger, then a Longevity assessment is for you. It's at your disposal. Call Sedona Holistic Medical Centre for an appointment.